How to Build Your Own Acrylic Fish Tank


When people think about potential DIY projects that will save them time and money, people often don't think about constructing an acrylic aquarium fish tank. However, being able to build your own acrylic fish tank is very possible. People will need some carpentry skills in order to make it happen. However, it should still be possible for people without a lot of experience to create cheap acrylic fish tanks that will save them quite a lot of money.


People will obviously need acrylic cement for the purpose of constructing an acrylic aquarium fish tank. As far as the power tools go, people will need a drill and router. It's important to use something to make the cuts of acrylic smooth enough. This could be a carving tool or a razor blade. A spray bottle, hole saw, hand saw, syringe, and towel will more or less be able to offer everything else that people will need.

Work Area

It's important to have a large enough work area when constructing an acrylic aquarium tank. Cut acrylic smells like the interior of a nail salon, so people should ideally perform part of this process outside, in a garage, or some sort of another work area.

Construction Process

First, people need to set down the acrylic sheet on a level area. From there, it's time to smooth out the different acrylic joints in order to prevent air bubbles. Then, builders can take the back or the front piece of the acrylic and place it on the bottom piece. It should be clamped there.

The syringe bottle then needs to be filled with the acrylic cement. The acrylic cement then needs to be inserted into the joint. It's important to prevent air bubbles from appearing at any point during this process, and the clamps need to be on tightly enough. With the basic structure of the acrylic aquarium fish tank in place, people can allow the tank to dry for a certain amount of time.

After about four hours or so, the acrylic cement should be dry. Putting the acrylic tank together one piece at a time and waiting four hours between those sessions can often produce some of the best results. From there, it's only necessary to work with the top section of the aquarium.

The top of the aquarium needs to be cut in order to serve the needs of the people involved. When the top of the aquarium has been properly cut, it should be placed in the aquarium. From there, people can apply the acrylic cement.

The aquarium then needs to be drilled. Drill the aquarium according to the bulkhead size that's desired at the time. It's a good idea to test the aquarium before using it in order to confirm if there are any leaks at all, and these can be filled with the acrylic cement.

Final Thoughts

Putting together an acrylic fish tank can be time-consuming. However, for a lot of people, it is more important to save money rather than time. It should be easy to find the materials necessary for an acrylic aquarium fish tank. From there, the construction process should be straightforward enough.


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