Your expert when it comes to REALLY LARGE AQUARIUMS!

We LOVE giant aquariums and want to help you fulfill your dream of a private MEGA AQUARIUM in your home. From 2 meters upwards, we are your experts in custom acrylic aquariums or acrylic pools. We can produce any shapes or sizes and through our optimized manufacture, we are up to 60% cheaper than other european manufacturers and importers.

Interested? Give us a call and we will provide you with a quote for your idea. You will be amazed!


We provide the following products or services

Large Custom Aquariums

From 2 meters upwards, we produce and ship complete aquariums right to your doorstep. Any shape or sizeis possible. Call us for the realization of your project!

Tunnels for public Aquariums

Underwater tunnels are the highlight of any public aquarium. These are virtually impossible to manufacture in glass and so the prime material is acrylic. We can create straight tunnels, curved tunnels or domes of any shape or size.

Large Column Aquariums

Columns are visible from all sides and allow larger sea creatures such as sharks to continously swim in a circle. The interior is typically decorated as a central column of coral or rock. Columns can be produced in all shapes and sizes.

Large Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels are used for various applications such as large aquariums, external fountains, swimming pool walls and more. Due to their relative leightness and strength it is the premium material for these applications. It can be ordered from 10cm to 60cm in thickness and can be made as long as 40 or more meters. No size restrictions apply.

Transparent Pools

Pools with one transparent side are the newest trend in architecture. We can supply acrylic panels for one, two, three and four sided see through pools shipped separately or already fused together.