Acrylic vs Glass Aquarium – Comparison


The acrylic vs glass aquarium debate has been going on for a long time. People should absolutely debate the merits of an acrylic aquarium vs glass aquarium. Both of these aquariums have a lot of advantages associated with them, but acrylic aquariums have become very popular for a reason.


There is no doubt about the fact that an acrylic fish tank is a lot lighter than a glass one. People who plan on moving their fish tanks around for whatever reason should take that into account. The glass aquarium will definitely weigh more, and people will need a more solid table to actually support it at different points. Some people might actually not be able to keep a glass aquarium around the house anyway due to the weight of these products.


A lot of people will get a much more accurate picture of the inside of the fish tank if they use an acrylic fish tank as opposed to a glass one. The index of refraction for water and the index of refraction for acrylic are similar enough that people will not get a lot of the distorting effects that they will get with a glass fish tank. For the people who want accuracy and who want to spend a lot of time viewing their fish, this can make all the difference in the world.


It should be easier for people to get the exact shape that they want for their fish tanks if they decide to choose the acrylic aquariums as opposed to the glass ones. It is much easier to mold acrylic into a lot of different shapes than it is to do the same thing with glass. It is generally difficult for most people to be able to find a glass aquarium that will meet all of their design needs, and this is not the case for an acrylic fish aquarium.


One of the first things that people will notice about their acrylic fish tanks is that they are relatively easy to scratch. People should know this going in since some of them are going to accidentally scratch them as a result. Glass fish tanks are much harder to scratch. Many people might want to avoid having their fish tanks scratched since they will typically want to spend a lot of time watching their fish. This will be easier with a glass fish tank.

There is also the fact that glass fish tanks will usually stay clear as they get older, and this is not necessarily the case with the acrylic aquariums. People can slow down the aging process with their acrylic aquariums if they keep them away from sunlight or full spectrum lights. However, even then, an acrylic aquarium will have a strong tendency to start getting yellow with age.

Final Thoughts

The acrylic aquarium vs glass debate will probably continue for a while. Most of the acrylic aquariums that people will find today will have a lot to offer anyone, even if they are going to age and get scratched. They will tend to be easier to have around the house all the same. Still, it is possible to get a great acrylic fish aquarium and a great glass aquarium.


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