The company

Description of the company originated out of a personal interest in large aquariums of the founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer. The Biotechnologist built his own private mega aquarium in Austria and during this process he evaluated a number of acrylic suppliers in Asia.

One supplier (PG Acrylics) in China Shang Hai surpassed all of the others in terms of price, quality and competence in the field. Dr. Wallerstorfer personaly visited the manufacturing plant and audited the facility. Through this, a great commercial partnership has originated and today MegaAquariums has become the European partner for large acrylic projects for PG Acrylics.


Shanghai PG Aquariums & Landscaping Co., Ltd.

Most acrylic panles sold in the world today are made in asia and so some companies have acquired years of experience in the manufacture of high quality acrylics. One of the leading providers in Asia is PG Acrylics in Shang Hai. They not only produce glass clear panels of any size or shape, but the price is up to 70% lower than comparable panels sold in Europe today. The companies manufacturing facility was audited by MegaAquariums and was found to be excellent in the manufacture of various size aquariums.


20 Years of Experience

With more than 20 years of experience and hindreds of large acrylics projects done world wide, PG Acrylics belongs to one of the most experienced acrylics experts world wide. The expierence ranges from 2 meter to 45 meter aquariums of all shapes and sizes. Domes, tunnels, arches, panels, pools and full aquariums fall into the experience of the international projects.

Raw Material

The best raw material from europe

The highest quality and clarity raw material comes from Europe. The materials are either Plexigals from Germany or Virgin Lucite from Great Britain.